Dublin what a city!

Now after I have successfully finished the exhausting week in Dublin, I am going to write about my experience with the capital city of Ireland. To be honest with you Dublin is a great city. I recommend every single person in the whole world: GO TO DUBLIN ! Although Ireland is a smaller and more boring country, the capital city shows what it has to give.

The experience I got from Dublin after our trip.

At first we had a brief tour through a few parts of the city. Our guide did pretty well, but the problem was she was not really tall and I often lost her in the crowds. 😀 Next time please a taller one! 😀 We went to Stephen Green Park and we saw some statues for example one of Oscar Wilde. This was pretty much the first experience I made with Dublin and I am really happy to saw how Dublin and its people look alike. This made a big positive impression. The experience I collect from Dublin? I definitely think that I got more self sufficient, because you had to manage pretty everything by yourself.

My opinion about Dublin

I think Dublin is a beautiful city, but there is lots of rain which makes me sometimes a little depressive. However, you can totally enjoy the capital city of Ireland. There are not only sights like the Guinness Storehouse, Stephens Green Park, the Samuel Backett Bridge or the impressive view over the coast, there is also something happening. Big events like parades on St. Patrick’s Day. By the way I wish that I once in my life witness a St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. It has to be stunning. Furthermore the people are so kind and incredibly friendly. Just one word how to describe Dublin and our trip: AWESOME!!

Host Families – as good as expected?

I was really nervous.
I didn’t know what to think of our host families, but can you blame me? I have never been with one, so our week in Ireland promised to be adventurous.

Before our week

I couldn’t image living with a host family. I didn’t even know what to expect, but what I did know was that we could have had good or bad luck. I asked some of my friends who already went to Ireland and got different answeres. Some told me that their families where really nice people while others told me that they lived with a rather unsuitable family. Because of the unfavorable opinions I couldn’t stop thinking about the “what if’s”. But my parents told me that I shouldn’t worry and should there be any problems, I can always talk to my group leader.


After our week

I have to admit, I thought it would be much more uncomfortable, living with an host family, but I really liked it. I have to admit, it didn’t feel like living with a family but more like living with friends you barely know but you can easily grow fond of. That surprised me, because for me, it was the first time to live for a whole week abroad without my parents.  This experience showed me that living in an other country could be an opinion for me.

So, leave a comment and tell me your opinion! 🙂

Summary of our Dublin Journey

Finally we are back at our lovely Austria. I spent seven days in Dublin and I really enjoyed being there. The school was not as bad as expected because we had one teacher who was really entertaining.

Host families:

First of all, we arrived at the meeting point, where we were going to meet our host father/mother. Florian, Xaver and me got a man called David Hussey. He was a bit older than the average of the hosts but he seemed nice. After we had smalltalk on the way to “our” house, it turned out that he was actually a nice man. Then he showed us our rooms and Florian and me were sleeping in a different one than Xaver because they had not enough place for three beds in the same room. The bathroom was not really hygienic, because the roof over the shower was already a bit scraped. Although we got less than five minutes to take a shower, it wasn’t really a problem to finish in time.


I was especially looking forward to the excursions. Firstly I didn’t know what we were going to see but our English teacher mister Eichhorn always kept us up to date. Personally, the best excursion was the Cliff Walk because we had always a view of the sea and the weather was permanently shiny. I also enjoyed when we were at the Beach of Bray and we pushed each other into the waves. Furthermore we have seen Wicklow Jail, Glendalough, the Guiness Storehouse, the Dundrum Shopping Centre, Croke Park and the Archaeology Museum.

Public transport:

The best thing was that we had an other exchange student who lived at “our” house and he showed us the way to the bus station which was really kind of him. We haven’t got any problems with the public transport except the first day. We just didn’t know where we have to get out when we went by bus home. Though the last station was Dun Laoghaire and it was the meeting point where we had to be in two and a half hours. So Florian, Xaver and me decided to wait in the Starbucks where we had wifi to waste our time.

Without a doubt I had a great time in Dublin and I am sad that it has passed so quickly. What was for you the best trip we have made? Let me know in the comments.




The yellow flowers of Howth


We did so many great things last week. We learnd a bit about irish historie.

  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Wicklow jail
  • Croke Park
  • Glendalough
  • Irish Dancing

But I think one of the most amazing activitis was our cliff-walk in Howth. Howth is around 15km beeline away form Dublin, it is a village with a habour and a market on the weekends. On Saturday morning we took the Dart to Pearce Station where our meeting-point was. The sun was shining bright, so we were very confident that we wound’t have rain. Even so my host mum said to Flora and me that it will rain the whole day long. Finally the majority of our group arrived so we took the next Dart to Howth. We were waiting for the rest of the group. We went to “HOWTH MARKET” and we were cruising at the harbour.
I haven’t seen so many gulls before
At last all where in Howth.


Our class and Mr. Eichhorn had sat down on a small wall to take a photo for Mrs. Gruber-Reisinger. It is fastinating what the new technoligies can all, the panorama shoot looks great. And then we started our cliff-walk, Mr. Eichhorn our leader went in the front of our groupe and Mr. Riegler at the conclusion. I can’t describe how beautiful it was, everywhere were the yellow flowers. The yellow flowers are called gorse, although the are so beautiful are they very treacherous with their prickles.
The sun was shining all the time so it was very pleasant (perhaps a little bit hot with our winter-jackets).


But we also had some misfortunes, e.g. I think after 10 minutes Bianca, Thery, Sarah, Babsi, Anschi, Flora, Julia G. (6B), Marlies (6B) and I lost our group, because we  were taking photos and they went away, it was not a big problem until we came to a road junction. Some of us wanted to go left and some of us wanted to go right, we agreed to take the way on the left way ’cause it was seaward. And then we were very happy because we saw some of our group, we arrived while the were taking a break, but as we arrived they continued. When we got to another field we took another break. It was big fun.



But I think the best thing was that we had such great weather.

Tell me if you have ever been to Howth or if you want to go now after looking at my pictures.
Leave a comment!

Summary of our Dublin Journey

Now we’re back at home. The long-awaited Dublin trip has ended after one week filled with fun and interesting places to see but also exhaustion. We are back after one week, that felt like a few days. After one week, that gave us a great look into the Irish culture and history and also after one week, that really improved our English skills. But has the language week really met my expectations?

Host families:

I didn’t really know what to expect from our host families before our journey. My thoughts went from living in a villa with own rooms and an own bath to a small house with almost no place to live. When we arrived in Dublin on Thursday last week, we were picked up by our host father John. After he turned out to be friendly, we soon realised, that all our concerns were unfounded. Our home for a week was clean and big enough, the food was edible, and our host family made sure that we knew where we had to go to meet our class every day.


Even though we only spent one week in Dublin, it feels like we have seen almost everything Dublin has got to offer. Our host families told us, that we did way more excursions than every foreign student, that stayed with them before. And it felt like that, too. We did the Cliff Walk, saw Glendalough, Wicklow Jail, the Guinness Storehouse, Croke Park and much more, while going to a language school every day (except from the weekends) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., so I definitely saw everything I expected and even more.

Public transport:

At first a bit concerned about taking the right bus and finding the way to the DART stations, I quickly realised that there was absolutely no reason to be worried at all. We arranged meeting points for the next day every evening and our host families explained us how to get there.

All in all, our Ireland journey has mostly fulfilled my hopes and not my worries. What do my classmates think about our language week? Have you been to Dublin before and have you made similar or different experiences? Let me know in the comments!

Overall Experience

Social Improvements

The one-week trip to another country was a great thing for all of us. We had to trust others in an unknown area, made new friends from the other class and eventually with some of our class which we didn´t knew that well. It was very exciting to explore parts of Dublin, taking new buses to the city centre, the DART or the Luas, which is the tram in Dublin city. At most of the time, we didn´t really know where whe had to get off the bus because the name of the station changed almost every day for an unknown reason.

Living at a stranger´s house also was a new thing that was better than we expected. The fact that we didn´t know if our host family will be friendly or annoying made the first few days interesting because we talked to them very much and found out many things on how the Irish live.

We also quickly acquired some inofficial rules in the city. We learned quickly that pedestrian lights are more a recommendation than a rule. So if there is no car in 50 metres range you can easilly cross the road. On the first day it was very strange seeing a big group of people crossing the road at red lights.

Language Improvements

The language school wasn´t that interesting for me most of the time. But we learned some phrases we can use when speaking. One example is the word hangry. It means “A state of anger and irritability resulting from being hungry.”(Urban Dictionary). We played some games like Taboo in order to train our word skills and train using synonyms.


All in all, it was a great experience to go to Ireland for one week because both our language and social skills improved and we learned much in that week. I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again.

Croke Park Stadium

On Tuesday we went to the Croke Park Stadium.
Jakob Wedl and I stood up at 6:30 a.m. and we immediately went downstairs for breakfast because we were extremely hangry.
After breakfast we packed our schoolstuff and went to the bus which drove us to the “atc-language-school”. After we had finished school we had one hour to get some lunch. Then we drove to a bus station near the stadium and went the last few metres “per pedes”. At the stadium we had waited a bit until our guide came (a very friendly woman). She picked us up and took us to a room (acted as a cinema) where we watched a short film about the big final that takes place in Croke Park every year.
After that we went to see a small museum where you can see pictures of all the major events from the history of GAA. There was also a small area where we could try to play gaelic football and hurling which was great fun.
But the really interesting part followed now.
We saw where the VIPs and the big TV-companies park. I was also very excited about the changing rooms and I hadn’t been dissapointed at all. But the stadium and mainly the pitch itself was the most amazing stop of our tour! The stadium has more than 80.000 seats and the field was just so big! Nearly as big as two soccer fields! The stadium is well made because one side is lower than the other so that the houses get enough sunlight in the morning.
We saw where the VIPs sit and we also went to the seats on the very top of the stadium and the view from there was just awesome! It was definitely a very impressing day.