Host Families – as good as expected?

I was really nervous.
I didn’t know what to think of our host families, but can you blame me? I have never been with one, so our week in Ireland promised to be adventurous.

Before our week

I couldn’t image living with a host family. I didn’t even know what to expect, but what I did know was that we could have had good or bad luck. I asked some of my friends who already went to Ireland and got different answeres. Some told me that their families where really nice people while others told me that they lived with a rather unsuitable family. Because of the unfavorable opinions I couldn’t stop thinking about the “what if’s”. But my parents told me that I shouldn’t worry and should there be any problems, I can always talk to my group leader.


After our week

I have to admit, I thought it would be much more uncomfortable, living with an host family, but I really liked it. I have to admit, it didn’t feel like living with a family but more like living with friends you barely know but you can easily grow fond of. That surprised me, because for me, it was the first time to live for a whole week abroad without my parents.  This experience showed me that living in an other country could be an opinion for me.

So, leave a comment and tell me your opinion! 🙂

The Arrival

Right now, me and Ines are sitting in our beds. We are totally exhausted after this long day at the airport.

Host family

When our host mom – Trish – picked us up, we knew right away that we are going to have a great time. Though she’s a little chaotic, she seems to be really nice. A brasilian student also stays with us. He’s a cool guy, or how Trish would say “He’s lovely!”.


Tomorrow will be our first school day. In the morning, we are going to have classes until 1pm and afterwards, we are going to make a tour through Dublin. This is going to be much fun, we can’t wait to see more of this beautiful city.

Good night, see y’all tomorrow!

A year full of anticipation and expectation

We’ve been waiting for this journey over a year now, we’ve been preparing everything, our teacher Prof. Eichhorn has been planing the excursions in the minutest detail and now we are ready for Ireland.

One year before…

In 2015 my classmates and I had to make up our minds: Would we rather spend a week in Ireland or in England? Fortunately, we chose Ireland for our English Project Week. As soon as my teacher told us that we’ll leave in spring, the first expectations came to mind. “It’ll be warm with sunshine all day long, flowers will start to blossom and Ireland will present its whole beauty and…”  (Well, todays weather forecast is rainy and chilly.) 

One month before…

Of course, these weren’t the only things we’ve expected. When we got the addresses of our host families, everybody jumped up, started the notebook and searched for it on Google Maps. I was a little bit nervous, when I tipped “32 Foxrock Wood, Focxrock”, zoomed in and saw ‘my’ house, where I’ll stay for one week with my best friend. My expectations went from living at a overwhelming kind of castle, which is inhabited by a pretentious family to a shabby and neglected house, where we would have to live with a rapist, have to sleep in cold rooms and where we would get awful meals. Keep your fingers crossed, that my expectations don’t come true! 😉

The trip

I’m not only looking forward to the Irish people, the Irish food and the language school in Dublin. I’m also excited about tomorrow. Apart from the fact that I have the chance to FLY with all of my classmates, my best friends, (I’ve been dreaming of this since I’ve been a child) I think that going by train with them will be really funny.

One day before…

So, my baggage lays ready in the corner, my backpack is already stuffed with the most important essentials I’ll need (PASSPORT!!!) and I’m sitting in my bed, waiting for Thursday to come.


I’m sure you have some other expectations about the journey as me, so write them in the comments! See you tomorrow.