604800 seconds, 92111 steps, 702 photos

I really enjoyed our week in Dublin, but there is hardly anything left to say about our journey that has not already been written down by my friends. So here are some things I noticed during our stay.

  • Literally everyone is super active in Dublin – I tried to count the people who were running, but had to stop because there were just too many out there.
  • Traffic lights! Can anyone tell me what the logic behind the system is? They are only green for some seconds, even if you run you’re too slow and then it’s red for minutes. No wonder Dubliners don’t care about traffic lights and just cross the street when they want to.
  • There are almost no dustbins in Dublin! Sadly many people throw their waste on the streets, instead of carrying it with them until they reach the next dustbin. So I often saw loads of waste laying on the ground.
  • Every second shop in the city center is a Starbucks, Insomnia or another coffee shop.

Looking forward to visiting Dublin again someday!