Enjoy the Little Things

Well, how do I start…? I think a good start would be to say: It was amazing, and it certainly was.

The whole lot of the journey was for sure a pleasant expierience. Even though there were some misfortunes, they were easily outweighed by all the other nice experiences. There really are a lot of amazing places we’ve been to and great highlights but I’ll tell you about the little things I’ve noticed and enjoyed.

What really surprised me were the nice people everywhere. The shop assistants were so helpful, the busdrivers always kindly told us if we were in the right bus, the pedestrians were farseeing and apologized immediately if they bumped into you by accident. Even when it rained I did barely see any frowned faces or at crowded places almost no one was annoyed. That was an interesting insight because in Austria it mostly is the direct opposite.

Another thing that obviously intrigued me were the unlike doors. The colours weren’t in the basic shades, one was carmine red another was magenta, the next beige and the other was teal. The colours go together with the brickwalls nicely too. It was beautiful to look at, because again I wasn’t used to see such funky doors in Austria.IMG_1032.JPG

One of my most favourite things was for sure the accent. I really enjoy listening to people who have a nice accent, and the Irishmen do.

What also was amazing was the sea. The salty air, the sound of the waves, the view into the distance, the sound of the pebbles, it was idyllic. IMG_1889.JPG

I also liked the staircase in the languageschool because it was quite steep and narrow and also went up really far. It remembered me of the stairs in a hotel I once stayed in London. It felt kind of cosy and homely I guess, that’s probably why I liked it.


These were just a few little things I enjoyed whilst we were in Ireland. Of course there are a lot more things I liked, for example the bus rides to school in the mornings, the window in our room or the yellow flowers which grew everywhere…IMG_1478

I would love to know what little things (and of course also big things) you’ve enjoyed on our week in Ireland, let me know in the comments.

Thanks to everyone for this lovely journey, it was truly amazing.