All the little things

Everyone I talked to about Ireland told me that the people there are extremely keen. I was sure that’s true, but I didn’t know how friendly a population can be. But that’s not the only “little thing” I recognised during our week in Dublin.

Everything started after our arrival at the airport, where a super nice (older) guy welcomed us. I didn’t actually speak with him, bit his smile was just very catchy.
Afterwards we met our host-families. I even couldn’t have imagined such a lovely welcome. During the whole week they were so friendly and took so great care about Theresa and me that I felt like I have known them for a few years.  
Also the bus drivers were a positive surprise for me. They were always helpful and were never annoyed about our questions if we were in the right bus.
Another “little” moment I enjoy remembering is a woman who sold flowers on the street. I didn’t really talk to her, but with what a passion she prepared the bunches of flowers was just remarkable.
At least I want to tell you about a man in front of the Disney store. He played
songs with his saxophone there. But not just any songs, Disney songs. The player was super talented and also very passionate.

All in all, I mostly remember all those “little” things in Ireland. Of course, I also like to think back to all our other highlights, but once Winnieh the Pooth said,
“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”