Ireland – a journey all of us 41 people will never forget.

In the morning of the day we’ve left, the first few things, which came to my mind, when I was thinking about the way to the airport and afterwards to the host families were chaos, stress, lost people, lost baggage and a very stressed Professor Eichhorn. But against my concerns, it was a pleasant journey.

But I won’t tell you too much about the arrival, departure and the specific excursions, because that have my classmates already done.

I will write about typical Irish particularities we have seen, bought or just visited. What comes to your mind, when you hear “Ireland”?

First, I want to show you the colourful doors. Moreover with such unusual, but marvellous colors.In Austria it wouldn´t look that charming, but in Dublin nearly every door is just a feast for the eyes.


On our 2nd day Ines and I tried some fries with curry dressing in the “Irish McDonald´s”, called Supermac´s. I don´t regret trying it, but I think the Austrian one is better.

On our 7th day in Dublin we decided to eat in Eddie Rocket´s. It´s an Irish restaurant chain, which offers American-style food in 1950s’ style diners. The furnishings look quite unusual, but in a cozy way. Even the waiters and waitresses were dressed in 50´s look.  Although we had to wait for our wraps too long, they were so delicious; as Jakob said before, “As soon as you´ve eaten the first bite, it doesn´t matter how long you´ve waited.”


What was incredible to look at, were the seagulls in Howth. There were so many of them and everyone was already a bit afraid of them, because they flew precariously close over our heads.



But not to forget the historical impressions. What I liked best, was Wicklow Gaol and Kilmainham Gaol , two prisons we´ve visited. The picture below shows Kilmainham Gaol, where many leaders of the Easter Rising (1916) died.

But also Wicklow Gaol was really amazing, especially the creepy guide, who led us through the prison. Perhaps even more stunning than Kilmainham Gaol, because it looked more original, was darker and the cells were smaller.


These all are impressions I will never forget. Ireland was an unforgettable trip with the best people I can imagine. Thanks for this magnificent experience.

“To travel is to live.” -Hans Christian Andersen