Review of our Ireland trip

Six days later, I look back to our one-week Dublin journey and I want to say that it was a great and instructive trip. At the beginning, I was very skeptical about the host family and the school there, but this doubts were not reasonable.

The arrival and Host family

After we were landed with our plane at the airport, a very nice man picked us up and we drove by bus to the meeting point, where our hostfather named John was waiting for Jakob and me. When we were on the way to our home for the next week, we talked a little bit about Melk and our school. As we arrived, I was very excited, how the house looked and hoped that it wasn’t too small or dirty. I was also worried about the dinner in this different country. But both troubles didn’t confirm, because our home was not too small and very clean and also the food there was mostly endurable. John and his wife Joanne were fended that we always know, where we had to go to meet our classmates.


In this seven days we had learned many things about the Irish culture and their habits. Although we had to go every day (excluded Saturday and Sunday) to school, we did one  or two excursions every afternoon. For example, we visted Glendalough, Wicklow jail, the museum of Archeology and some other trips. We made a Cliffwalk also, wich was very beautiful and interesting.

Public Transport

At first, I was anxious, if I could find the way to school and to our meeting points, but with the help our hostfamily it wasn’t a big problem for us and so we hadn’t got a reason to be worried about that. And so we were every day in school and to the meeting points on time.

All in all, I think that our Ireland trip was very succesful and that all my worries were unfounded. I would be interested in the opinions of my classmates and if they would make a second trip to Dublin. Let me know in the comments!



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