Lost students and suitcase – horror trip and everything a fraud?

Loosing something can be really annoying especially in a foreign country. If you have experienced something like that you will know what I mean. But what about loosing students in a foreign country?!

If you have read the other blog entries you know that we – the 6A/B – spent a great week from the 7th to 14th April in Dublin. But what about all the mishaps and was it really as good as everyone says?

Our first slight mishap happened on Saturday on the way to Malahide. We lost a few students on our trip. Granted, we lost some students on the Monday as well. I don’t want to mention their names because they’ve already got punishment. The lost students had to scrub the floors of the Wicklow Jail, where we went on Monday. I’m just kidding it was a mishap that we lost them and in the end we found everyone. So don’t worry, there’s no reduction of students.

But before this had happened our teacher Professor Eichhorn told us that a reduction of a few percent would be fine and our headmaster had apparently agreed to this – hopefully they were joking too.

Furthermore, this proves we never lost fun. Although days were exhausting and we waited for a bus in the rain there were a lots of incredible moments in Dublin we all really enjoyed. Where should I start – maybe the marriage proposal on our second day or the unforgettable cliff walk with the amazing weather?

What’s more, we also managed to loose a suitcase at the Vienna International Airport. To be precise it was my own suitcase. Although we have had extremely great seven days I expect everyone was glad to be back in Austria. When we arrived on the 14th April on time we wanted to catch the next train home but there was one problem: One suitcase – my suitcase was still missing. After a short shock moment Professor Eichhorn and I went to an Lost and Found counter and we did all the things you do when you lost your luggage e.g. name the size, brand, address…

The good thing was that in the end we caught the intended train and I haven’t had a heavy suitcase to carry home. Because my luggage stayed an extra day in Dublin my suitcase has been delivered one day later.

Would you be shocked if your suitcase would have been lost or would you only see the reason for necessarily shopping and another adventure? So, please leave a comment below and tell me!

When all’s said and done I want to thank all the people who were with me because of them it was such a stunning project week I won’t forget.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” (John Lennon)

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