Croke Park Stadium

On Tuesday we went to the Croke Park Stadium.
Jakob Wedl and I stood up at 6:30 a.m. and we immediately went downstairs for breakfast because we were extremely hangry.
After breakfast we packed our schoolstuff and went to the bus which drove us to the “atc-language-school”. After we had finished school we had one hour to get some lunch. Then we drove to a bus station near the stadium and went the last few metres “per pedes”. At the stadium we had waited a bit until our guide came (a very friendly woman). She picked us up and took us to a room (acted as a cinema) where we watched a short film about the big final that takes place in Croke Park every year.
After that we went to see a small museum where you can see pictures of all the major events from the history of GAA. There was also a small area where we could try to play gaelic football and hurling which was great fun.
But the really interesting part followed now.
We saw where the VIPs and the big TV-companies park. I was also very excited about the changing rooms and I hadn’t been dissapointed at all. But the stadium and mainly the pitch itself was the most amazing stop of our tour! The stadium has more than 80.000 seats and the field was just so big! Nearly as big as two soccer fields! The stadium is well made because one side is lower than the other so that the houses get enough sunlight in the morning.
We saw where the VIPs sit and we also went to the seats on the very top of the stadium and the view from there was just awesome! It was definitely a very impressing day.

One thought on “Croke Park Stadium

  1. Croke Park was very amazing! But only the last few meters “per pedes”? I think it was very long. :p And don’t forget the scoreboard (I think it’s as big as a Tennis court?)! Which game we could try do you like best? Perhaps we can go in the future again to Croke Park and see a match and going to the roof of the Stadium, it would be incredibly (and try some Guinness ;)).


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