Our Irish Weekend

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

(John Muir)

Frankly, this was definitely one of the most exhausting but also most beautiful weekends ever.


Up hill and down dale – we enjoyed every minute of our cliff walk. The sun was shining ever so brightly, the sky was clear and yellow flowers were blooming everywhere. The marvelous landscape of meadows and hills was as taken from the picture-book.

When we were back in Howth, we took the bus to Madaline, where we went for a walk at the beach. Though it was really cold, the sun was shining and some of us even went ankle-deep in the ice cold water.


Early in the morning, our group met in Dublin City.

Firstly, we visited Wicklow Gaol. This is a jail where you learn about the early 18th century prison life. Because of the live actors, the atmosphere was frighteningly accurate.

Afterwards, we drove to Glendalough. At first we saw a film about the place itself and its founder St. Kevin. Did you know that he died at the age of 120? Crazy!

Our trip ended in Bray, where we spent our whole time at the seaside.

I hope your weekend was as great as ours. Share your thoughts on our trip in the comments and have a great day. ☘

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