6A travels to Ireland

The time is yet to come.

My luggage is nearly packed and tomorrow we, the 6a class together with another class, are going to make a trip to Ireland. I am full of expectations when I think about the next week.


Lots of people told me that the Irish people are much more outgoing, open-minded and friendlier than we Austrians.

I am looking forward to experience the Irish family situations and in how far it is different from ours. We will stay in little groups of two or three at the host families, so I think it won’t be too difficult to find out some differences in comparison to us Austrians.

Also, I would like to find out a bit more about the history of Ireland. I mean, I already know a few turning points in the Irish history that made Ireland to what it is now. But I hope we will see some old houses because what I find very interesting in them is, that if you look clearly, there are sometimes differences from country to country in the way they look like. Hopefully we’ll be going to a museum too.

Furthermore, I am very excited about trying out Irish food. I’ve heard that in Ireland most people eat a lot of potatoes, but I don’t really expect the food to be something very unusual. I think we know most of the food they eat because i don’t think it will be too different from ours.


What do you think the food is like? Do you think the Irish people will be friendlier than the people from our home country?

Please leave a comment and let me know!:)


One thought on “6A travels to Ireland

  1. The food was good and in our host family the dinner was very similar to the Austrian food.
    And I think that Irish people are friendlier to foreigners than Austrian people. 🙂


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