Enjoy the Little Things

Well, how do I start…? I think a good start would be to say: It was amazing, and it certainly was.

The whole lot of the journey was for sure a pleasant expierience. Even though there were some misfortunes, they were easily outweighed by all the other nice experiences. There really are a lot of amazing places we’ve been to and great highlights but I’ll tell you about the little things I’ve noticed and enjoyed.

What really surprised me were the nice people everywhere. The shop assistants were so helpful, the busdrivers always kindly told us if we were in the right bus, the pedestrians were farseeing and apologized immediately if they bumped into you by accident. Even when it rained I did barely see any frowned faces or at crowded places almost no one was annoyed. That was an interesting insight because in Austria it mostly is the direct opposite.

Another thing that obviously intrigued me were the unlike doors. The colours weren’t in the basic shades, one was carmine red another was magenta, the next beige and the other was teal. The colours go together with the brickwalls nicely too. It was beautiful to look at, because again I wasn’t used to see such funky doors in Austria.IMG_1032.JPG

One of my most favourite things was for sure the accent. I really enjoy listening to people who have a nice accent, and the Irishmen do.

What also was amazing was the sea. The salty air, the sound of the waves, the view into the distance, the sound of the pebbles, it was idyllic. IMG_1889.JPG

I also liked the staircase in the languageschool because it was quite steep and narrow and also went up really far. It remembered me of the stairs in a hotel I once stayed in London. It felt kind of cosy and homely I guess, that’s probably why I liked it.


These were just a few little things I enjoyed whilst we were in Ireland. Of course there are a lot more things I liked, for example the bus rides to school in the mornings, the window in our room or the yellow flowers which grew everywhere…IMG_1478

I would love to know what little things (and of course also big things) you’ve enjoyed on our week in Ireland, let me know in the comments.

Thanks to everyone for this lovely journey, it was truly amazing.

604800 seconds, 92111 steps, 702 photos

I really enjoyed our week in Dublin, but there is hardly anything left to say about our journey that has not already been written down by my friends. So here are some things I noticed during our stay.

  • Literally everyone is super active in Dublin – I tried to count the people who were running, but had to stop because there were just too many out there.
  • Traffic lights! Can anyone tell me what the logic behind the system is? They are only green for some seconds, even if you run you’re too slow and then it’s red for minutes. No wonder Dubliners don’t care about traffic lights and just cross the street when they want to.
  • There are almost no dustbins in Dublin! Sadly many people throw their waste on the streets, instead of carrying it with them until they reach the next dustbin. So I often saw loads of waste laying on the ground.
  • Every second shop in the city center is a Starbucks, Insomnia or another coffee shop.

Looking forward to visiting Dublin again someday!


Ireland – a journey all of us 41 people will never forget.

In the morning of the day we’ve left, the first few things, which came to my mind, when I was thinking about the way to the airport and afterwards to the host families were chaos, stress, lost people, lost baggage and a very stressed Professor Eichhorn. But against my concerns, it was a pleasant journey.

But I won’t tell you too much about the arrival, departure and the specific excursions, because that have my classmates already done.

I will write about typical Irish particularities we have seen, bought or just visited. What comes to your mind, when you hear “Ireland”?

First, I want to show you the colourful doors. Moreover with such unusual, but marvellous colors.In Austria it wouldn´t look that charming, but in Dublin nearly every door is just a feast for the eyes.


On our 2nd day Ines and I tried some fries with curry dressing in the “Irish McDonald´s”, called Supermac´s. I don´t regret trying it, but I think the Austrian one is better.

On our 7th day in Dublin we decided to eat in Eddie Rocket´s. It´s an Irish restaurant chain, which offers American-style food in 1950s’ style diners. The furnishings look quite unusual, but in a cozy way. Even the waiters and waitresses were dressed in 50´s look.  Although we had to wait for our wraps too long, they were so delicious; as Jakob said before, “As soon as you´ve eaten the first bite, it doesn´t matter how long you´ve waited.”


What was incredible to look at, were the seagulls in Howth. There were so many of them and everyone was already a bit afraid of them, because they flew precariously close over our heads.



But not to forget the historical impressions. What I liked best, was Wicklow Gaol and Kilmainham Gaol , two prisons we´ve visited. The picture below shows Kilmainham Gaol, where many leaders of the Easter Rising (1916) died.

But also Wicklow Gaol was really amazing, especially the creepy guide, who led us through the prison. Perhaps even more stunning than Kilmainham Gaol, because it looked more original, was darker and the cells were smaller.


These all are impressions I will never forget. Ireland was an unforgettable trip with the best people I can imagine. Thanks for this magnificent experience.

“To travel is to live.” -Hans Christian Andersen

All the little things

Everyone I talked to about Ireland told me that the people there are extremely keen. I was sure that’s true, but I didn’t know how friendly a population can be. But that’s not the only “little thing” I recognised during our week in Dublin.

Everything started after our arrival at the airport, where a super nice (older) guy welcomed us. I didn’t actually speak with him, bit his smile was just very catchy.
Afterwards we met our host-families. I even couldn’t have imagined such a lovely welcome. During the whole week they were so friendly and took so great care about Theresa and me that I felt like I have known them for a few years.  
Also the bus drivers were a positive surprise for me. They were always helpful and were never annoyed about our questions if we were in the right bus.
Another “little” moment I enjoy remembering is a woman who sold flowers on the street. I didn’t really talk to her, but with what a passion she prepared the bunches of flowers was just remarkable.
At least I want to tell you about a man in front of the Disney store. He played
songs with his saxophone there. But not just any songs, Disney songs. The player was super talented and also very passionate.

All in all, I mostly remember all those “little” things in Ireland. Of course, I also like to think back to all our other highlights, but once Winnieh the Pooth said,
“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”


Irish Experiences

Even if already some time passed by after our Dublin journey I want to post my opinion about this really interesting and educative week. I was very surprised in some points, but mostly in a positive way.

Host families

I think we could have caught it worse and also better with our family. Don’t get me wrong, they were really lovely people and treated us nice. But the house was really tiny and also cold, at least we had a heating for our beds. As cold as our rooms was the food on the first day, but it was definitely eatable.

The language school

Expect from the weekend, we had two lessons school every day, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. In my opinion the school could really have been skipped because I think was not our language level and I didn’t learn any new vocabulary or grammar or anything. I think it would have made more sense to visit more attractions or get more in contact with the local people, so that we learn to speak and interact with foreign people.

No underground

What I really have to criticize is that there is no underground in Dublin, so we had to go by bus everywhere, except a few time when we took the train. That’s also why we missed our bus stop one time and drove to the last stop, where luckily our meeting point for the evening program was.

So all in all I enjoyed the week even if there are some points to criticize like the school or the busses. We had a great and enjoyable time there and also made some interesting excursions. So I can just recommend going to Ireland to EVERYONE !


Review of our Ireland trip

Six days later, I look back to our one-week Dublin journey and I want to say that it was a great and instructive trip. At the beginning, I was very skeptical about the host family and the school there, but this doubts were not reasonable.

The arrival and Host family

After we were landed with our plane at the airport, a very nice man picked us up and we drove by bus to the meeting point, where our hostfather named John was waiting for Jakob and me. When we were on the way to our home for the next week, we talked a little bit about Melk and our school. As we arrived, I was very excited, how the house looked and hoped that it wasn’t too small or dirty. I was also worried about the dinner in this different country. But both troubles didn’t confirm, because our home was not too small and very clean and also the food there was mostly endurable. John and his wife Joanne were fended that we always know, where we had to go to meet our classmates.


In this seven days we had learned many things about the Irish culture and their habits. Although we had to go every day (excluded Saturday and Sunday) to school, we did one  or two excursions every afternoon. For example, we visted Glendalough, Wicklow jail, the museum of Archeology and some other trips. We made a Cliffwalk also, wich was very beautiful and interesting.

Public Transport

At first, I was anxious, if I could find the way to school and to our meeting points, but with the help our hostfamily it wasn’t a big problem for us and so we hadn’t got a reason to be worried about that. And so we were every day in school and to the meeting points on time.

All in all, I think that our Ireland trip was very succesful and that all my worries were unfounded. I would be interested in the opinions of my classmates and if they would make a second trip to Dublin. Let me know in the comments!



Lost students and suitcase – horror trip and everything a fraud?

Loosing something can be really annoying especially in a foreign country. If you have experienced something like that you will know what I mean. But what about loosing students in a foreign country?!

If you have read the other blog entries you know that we – the 6A/B – spent a great week from the 7th to 14th April in Dublin. But what about all the mishaps and was it really as good as everyone says?

Our first slight mishap happened on Saturday on the way to Malahide. We lost a few students on our trip. Granted, we lost some students on the Monday as well. I don’t want to mention their names because they’ve already got punishment. The lost students had to scrub the floors of the Wicklow Jail, where we went on Monday. I’m just kidding it was a mishap that we lost them and in the end we found everyone. So don’t worry, there’s no reduction of students.

But before this had happened our teacher Professor Eichhorn told us that a reduction of a few percent would be fine and our headmaster had apparently agreed to this – hopefully they were joking too.

Furthermore, this proves we never lost fun. Although days were exhausting and we waited for a bus in the rain there were a lots of incredible moments in Dublin we all really enjoyed. Where should I start – maybe the marriage proposal on our second day or the unforgettable cliff walk with the amazing weather?

What’s more, we also managed to loose a suitcase at the Vienna International Airport. To be precise it was my own suitcase. Although we have had extremely great seven days I expect everyone was glad to be back in Austria. When we arrived on the 14th April on time we wanted to catch the next train home but there was one problem: One suitcase – my suitcase was still missing. After a short shock moment Professor Eichhorn and I went to an Lost and Found counter and we did all the things you do when you lost your luggage e.g. name the size, brand, address…

The good thing was that in the end we caught the intended train and I haven’t had a heavy suitcase to carry home. Because my luggage stayed an extra day in Dublin my suitcase has been delivered one day later.

Would you be shocked if your suitcase would have been lost or would you only see the reason for necessarily shopping and another adventure? So, please leave a comment below and tell me!

When all’s said and done I want to thank all the people who were with me because of them it was such a stunning project week I won’t forget.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” (John Lennon)

Dublin what a city!

Now after I have successfully finished the exhausting week in Dublin, I am going to write about my experience with the capital city of Ireland. To be honest with you Dublin is a great city. I recommend every single person in the whole world: GO TO DUBLIN ! Although Ireland is a smaller and more boring country, the capital city shows what it has to give.

The experience I got from Dublin after our trip.

At first we had a brief tour through a few parts of the city. Our guide did pretty well, but the problem was she was not really tall and I often lost her in the crowds. 😀 Next time please a taller one! 😀 We went to Stephen Green Park and we saw some statues for example one of Oscar Wilde. This was pretty much the first experience I made with Dublin and I am really happy to saw how Dublin and its people look alike. This made a big positive impression. The experience I collect from Dublin? I definitely think that I got more self sufficient, because you had to manage pretty everything by yourself.

My opinion about Dublin

I think Dublin is a beautiful city, but there is lots of rain which makes me sometimes a little depressive. However, you can totally enjoy the capital city of Ireland. There are not only sights like the Guinness Storehouse, Stephens Green Park, the Samuel Backett Bridge or the impressive view over the coast, there is also something happening. Big events like parades on St. Patrick’s Day. By the way I wish that I once in my life witness a St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. It has to be stunning. Furthermore the people are so kind and incredibly friendly. Just one word how to describe Dublin and our trip: AWESOME!!

Host Families – as good as expected?

I was really nervous.
I didn’t know what to think of our host families, but can you blame me? I have never been with one, so our week in Ireland promised to be adventurous.

Before our week

I couldn’t image living with a host family. I didn’t even know what to expect, but what I did know was that we could have had good or bad luck. I asked some of my friends who already went to Ireland and got different answeres. Some told me that their families where really nice people while others told me that they lived with a rather unsuitable family. Because of the unfavorable opinions I couldn’t stop thinking about the “what if’s”. But my parents told me that I shouldn’t worry and should there be any problems, I can always talk to my group leader.


After our week

I have to admit, I thought it would be much more uncomfortable, living with an host family, but I really liked it. I have to admit, it didn’t feel like living with a family but more like living with friends you barely know but you can easily grow fond of. That surprised me, because for me, it was the first time to live for a whole week abroad without my parents.  This experience showed me that living in an other country could be an opinion for me.

So, leave a comment and tell me your opinion! 🙂

Summary of our Dublin Journey

Finally we are back at our lovely Austria. I spent seven days in Dublin and I really enjoyed being there. The school was not as bad as expected because we had one teacher who was really entertaining.

Host families:

First of all, we arrived at the meeting point, where we were going to meet our host father/mother. Florian, Xaver and me got a man called David Hussey. He was a bit older than the average of the hosts but he seemed nice. After we had smalltalk on the way to “our” house, it turned out that he was actually a nice man. Then he showed us our rooms and Florian and me were sleeping in a different one than Xaver because they had not enough place for three beds in the same room. The bathroom was not really hygienic, because the roof over the shower was already a bit scraped. Although we got less than five minutes to take a shower, it wasn’t really a problem to finish in time.


I was especially looking forward to the excursions. Firstly I didn’t know what we were going to see but our English teacher mister Eichhorn always kept us up to date. Personally, the best excursion was the Cliff Walk because we had always a view of the sea and the weather was permanently shiny. I also enjoyed when we were at the Beach of Bray and we pushed each other into the waves. Furthermore we have seen Wicklow Jail, Glendalough, the Guiness Storehouse, the Dundrum Shopping Centre, Croke Park and the Archaeology Museum.

Public transport:

The best thing was that we had an other exchange student who lived at “our” house and he showed us the way to the bus station which was really kind of him. We haven’t got any problems with the public transport except the first day. We just didn’t know where we have to get out when we went by bus home. Though the last station was Dun Laoghaire and it was the meeting point where we had to be in two and a half hours. So Florian, Xaver and me decided to wait in the Starbucks where we had wifi to waste our time.

Without a doubt I had a great time in Dublin and I am sad that it has passed so quickly. What was for you the best trip we have made? Let me know in the comments.